Launchpad Translators translation group

Vedrørende oversættelse og lokalisering af Ubuntu til dansk
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Launchpad Translators translation group

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Friday, the 12th of December 2008, at UDS we discussed the idea of having Launchpad Translators Groups in Launchpad.

These translations groups are not targeted for translations Launchpad itself but translate projects available for translation in Launchpad using Rosetta. The translation groups should focus on doing upstream translations for project hosted in Rosetta but also collaborate with other upstream translation projects and the translation projects for each distribution hosted in Launchpad.

The main idea behind Launchpad Translators Groups is to establish a federation of trusted Launchpad translations groups and when a project wants to be localized it can appoint Launchpad Translators Groups for doing the translation work.

Launchpad Translators should not be a new translation project, but rather a union of all translation groups from Launchpad working togheter for providing free software in all languages. Launchpad Translators Coordination team should establish strong contacts with other translation projects like the GNOME Translation Project, Translation Project or KDE Translation Project to assure the translations from Launchpad are compatible with the other projects.

We have not forget the Ubuntu Translations teams. The idea of Launchpad Translators Groups started as a proposure to rename Ubuntu Translation teams, and that is because beside Ubuntu, Ubuntu Translations teams are assigned to many other projects in Launchpad.

In the first phase Launchpad translation teams will be mainly formed by the already Ubuntu translation teams (and work like an alias) but for the future Launchpad Translators teams umbrella will cover other translations groups (not only Ubuntu).

Right now, we have the Launchpad Translators Group and first thing we should do is to find a trusted person for each language for appointing translations groups for each language.

Now we have teams for Italian, Romanian, Serbian and Swedish and we need to create “lp-l10n-CC” teams for each language. If you would like to start a Launchpad localization team for your language please contact Launchpad Translators Coordination team and request for your newly created team to be appointed to a specific language.

This UDS session continued outside the room with Danilo and Sebastien talking about past KDE problems in Rosetta. Let’s hope we can learn from this problems and for future Ubuntu release make translations rock.

I will start writing documentation about and will come back when they are ready. Meanwhile if anyone is interested in this idea please talk to us, as we are happy to receive feedback! ... anslators/