Defective By Design: 35 Dage Mod DRM

Her postes alt, som ikke direkte har noget med Ubuntu at gøre.
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Defective By Design: 35 Dage Mod DRM

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Jeg elsker de gutter.

"Starting this Black Friday and over the next 35 days leading up to the
end of 2008, we want your help in promoting a consumer boycott of
Digital Restrictions Management.

Every day we'll be publishing *your* stories -- about a product,
company, service, executive or politician that has has inflicted the
nightmare of Digital Restrictions Management on you and our society,
reminding us all why this holiday season we need an all-out boycott.

For today, we've chosen the first product to be avoided this holiday
season -- Apple's MacBook computer. Apple have pushed their DRM
agenda even further, with the release of the latest revision of
their MacBook laptop computers. The new MacBooks contain a hardware
chip that prevents certain types of display being used, in an effort
to plug the analog hole.

It begins..
"A Narn heavy cruiser?!"

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Re: Defective By Design: 35 Dage Mod DRM

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Det støtter jeg gerne ved IKEK at købe en MacBook til denne jul. :D

Hum... Computercity har Danmarkspremiere på de nye Samsung'er i dag. Fin lille 15" bærbare med 2 Ghz Core Duo, 4 G RAM, og nvidia gfx (virker bedst med de drivere jeg har fat på... havde mindre gode erfaringer med ATI's ditto). Pris 6kkr

Og så er Lenovo's væbare N200'ere, også en sød lille sag til 4 kkr.

MacBook til sammenligning er små 10 kkr +.
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